Locally Grown - Hand Made and Hand Filled Jalapeño products of all kinds. Jala Jala delivers the best tasting jalapeño flavor that makes an ordinary food experience 'extraordinary'!

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Jala Jala Story 

Growing up in Texas, jalapeños were a way of life. My dad would eat them with every meal. He would buy whole jalapeños by the gallon and keep them in the fridge in a plastic container until it was time to eat.  So, kids do what their parents do and in this case it was eat jalapeños and enjoy them. I love peppers and especially jalapeños. Now, Jala Jala Foods allows me to share wonderful jalapeño products with everyone.  Our products include Jalapeño Jellies, Salsas, Corn Relish,  BBQ Sauces, and BBQ Rub.

We are located in Huntsville, Alabama, where we work out of a FDA inspected kitchen.  We looked at several co-packers to make our products, but the speed, quality and taste of their product was not to our standards. In order to get a product with the quality and taste we desired, it was decided to produce the products ourselves! We purchase locally grown peppers and have built a relationship with Danny Campbell of Campbell Farms, who has farms located in the northern Tennessee Valley, and Whited Farms.

My passion has always been creating great food. I wanted to be in the food business, but restaurants were not my thing, The food manufacturing business intrigued me, so  I took the plunge to create products that I thought people would love.  Having people tell me our products are awesome brings great joy.  The goal is for people to enjoy the flavor of jalapeños without worrying about the heat.  “Know the Glow” comes from the warmth you get after you eat our products.  Our mission is to create great tasting, top quality products so that all will come to "Know the Glow".

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site. Please go to our store and try out our products for yourself.

Know the Glow,

Jay Short

Head Pepper