Fresh Pepper Power!

Fresh Pepper Power!

Eating dinner tonight, a thought hit me: man, are these Brussels sprouts really good.  Until a year ago there were two things on my list I wouldn’t eat, Brussels sprouts and pickled beets. Now all I have to conquer are the beets.   What changed me, you might ask?  Fresh sprouts roasted in a way to caramelize the outside and have a super tender inside that has you calling for more!

My Mom was a good cook, but thawing a Birdseye cardboard box filled with Brussels sprouts frozen in a block of ice isn’t my idea of good food.  Then you are told you cannot leave the table until you eat two of those boiled soggy green balls of yuck!  So after sitting for an hour, trying to hide them under your mashed potatoes, you get the guts to hold your nose, bite once to break them in half and then….swallow! “ Now, you may leave the table”.

This brings me to my point about products that have local jalapenos in them.  Fresh is always best.  Once you eat our products, the yuck factor goes out the window.  Once you have our jellies, taste the awesome flavor, and then “Know the Glow”, you can take spicy off of your list. Once off your list, you are open to a wonderful world of pepper products.  We hope you will go to our shop and help others with their list. “May you never leave our table!”

Jay Short, Hp (Head pepper)

Jala-Jala Foods